About me


I am Tristan Weil, I am a System Engineer and I have skills in Linux system administration and IT automation.

I currently enjoy finding solutions to ease and fasten the deployment and the maintenance of systems and applications through automation.

I also like participating, together with development engineers and project managers, in the entire service lifecycle of an application, from the design through the development stages to production maintenance.

I am thus a supporter of the DevOps way of working.

I am currently looking for a job allowing me to work remotely from Japan.
Contact me tristan @ contact.t18s.fr if you have a proposal.


I have about 10 years of experiences with the configuration, the securing, and the maintenance of different Linux distributions (Debian and CentOS) in medium-sized infrastructures (from 10 up to 400 machines/vms):

  • various tasks of systems administration (from installation to production maintenance)
  • deployment and configuration automation (Ansible since version 1.4)
  • orchestration
  • packaging
  • monitoring
  • development of various tools (Shell, Go)

I am also able to build and maintain key infrastructure components that can integrate complex and critical architectures. That includes:

  • automated continuous integration systems (Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform)
  • orchestration (Nomad, Docker Swarm)
  • load balancers (HAProxy, Traefik)
  • web/application servers (Apache, Nginx, Caddy)
  • databases (MariaDB) and indexing services (Elasticsearch)
  • monitoring / logging services (Grafana, Prometheus, collectd)

I have also some skills in:

  • Packer
  • Consul and Vault
  • Go
  • OpenBSD

I am currently salaried but I used to work as a contractor (I was also self-employed).


E-mail: tristan @ contact.t18s.fr

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tristan-weil/en

Wantedly: https://www.wantedly.com/users/111302037