echo project infrastructure

1. Terraform

In the echo project, you have to update some Terraform configuration files.

In the directory echo/terraform/demo, there are 2 files: echo/terraform/demo/ and echo/terraform/demo/

They contain:

  1. Change the DNS domain name

    Updating the DNS domain name is mandatory.
    To do so, just open the two files and find all references of and put your own domain name.

  2. Change the AWS regions

    This is not mandatory if your Internet connexion is good.
    By default, everything will be created on eu-west-3 (France) and eu-west-1 (Irlande).

    eu-west-3 is referenced as region1 (this will be the primary datacenter in the Consul cluster).
    eu-west-1 is referenced as region2.

    The bastion host and the Vault hosts will only be created in region1.

    If you want to test with regions that are next to you, find all references of eu-west-3 and eu-west-1 in the two files and put the ones you want.

    You have to put two different regions.

  3. Change the IP addressing

    This is not mandatory and not recommended.

    You should look for the variables named infrastructure_regions and echo_infrastructure_regions.

We talked about the bastion project.
It’s a special case that will be managed by the infrasecrets projet but because it has to connect everywhere, all projects must know it.

2. Ansible

And you have to update some Ansible configuration files.

In the echo/inventories/demo/group_vars/all/project.yml file, you have to edit the following variables:

3. Next page!

We are done, let’s customize the Consul/Vault infrastructure!