What ?

 ipmoveOvh is a simple tool dedicated to move an OVH FailOver IP from one instance to another.

It uses go-ovh and thus uses the OVH API.

See the dedicated Github for more information on how to use it.

Why ?

For the Big Infra project, I need to have 2 nodes in a Master/Backup configuration to handle the incoming traffic for only one public IP.


  • there is no equivalent for the Amazon Web Services' ELB at OVH
  • the FailOver IP can only be moved through the OVH API (you cannot declare in advance the instances),

I had to create this little tool.

What have I learned ?

The OVH API is really well designed and complete.

It also seems to be well-secured with different kind of tokens. By default they need to be validated by a human action, but for automatic processes you can use: https://eu.api.ovh.com/createToken/