What ?

 ttserver is a simple TCP server allowing to:

  • serve content over custom connection handlers:
    • finger and gopher protocols' handlers included
    • a basic page renderer supporting:
      • Go templates
      • caching
      • fetching remotes contents
  • define generic routes with regex
  • fetch remote contents (json, html, feeds) and display them in pages
  • run cron tasks to create/update pages
  • server content over TLS with the support of the ACME protocol (Let’s Encrypt)
  • gather stats about the server on a Prometheus compatible endpoint, /metrics
  • handle PROXY protocol

Why ?

I really like the idea to be able to have a Gopher and a finger spaces to serve contents.

If you want to know more about my motivations:

  • lynx gopher://
  • finger about/

I tried to have both running for some times now but it’s not easy to find tools that support all the above features.

So I wrote ttserver.

What have I learned ?

My skills in Go improved a lot (Go routines, templates, etc.).

And I’ve started to use

I also wrote a GitHub Actions to handle checksums and signatures: ghaction-checksum-sign-artifact.